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What other's are saying about Integrative Pediatrics


"Doctors like Dr. Thomas are few and far between. He's a bold, smart doctor who's willing to think for himself and empower parents. He stocks vaccines in his clinic, but doesn't bully parents into the CDC schedule (in fact, he admits he doesn't like the schedule). He prescribes pharmaceuticals, but is also comfortable to watch and wait on things like ear infections before pushing antibiotics and even suggests natural therapies like garlic oil and probiotics. His practice is busy (it's a big, bustling clinic with lots of sweet nurses, a lactation consultant, and cute twins working the front desk), but busy is what happens when you've got a famous doctor who actually takes insurance. We've seen his NPs before too when he wasn't available, and really liked them too!"

Cal F.
Portland, OR

  "Dr. Paul,
I came across your page on YouTube and was really fascinated at how wonderful you are. I am lucky enough to be a mom in NJ who is supported by a wonderful pediatrician even though I have chosen not to vaccinate either of my children, when I was practically harassed to the point (where) I just left 3 others. I came across your article about the Drap vaccine during pregnancy and really was stirred with emotion. I was told over a half dozen time that I needed to take that during my second pregnancy, I asked for legitimate reasons (even though I had zero intention anyway) and was told that its really critical to protect the baby. I hope it is okay that I shared your article with an amazaing source called the The Greater Good (they can be found on Facebook), I wrote a little about how I came across you an how important I think your message was and asked them to share it, which is exactly what they did on their page. It is really great to have Dr.'s like you who look outside the box, and if I ever move to Oregon I'm coming to you.


"Dr. Thomas,
You have been our pediatrician for a long time. We have always talked highly of you and our 3 kids love you.

We have a lot to be thankful for in you...but this is specifically for our visit on 1/22 when (you) helped our daughter and our financial situation more than you know!

Recently I left my career to stay home and my husband began a new job. During this transition we found ourselves without insurance or benefits of any kind. We were financially terrified to bring (our doughter) in, as we are still paying on ER visits from (our other child's) asthma incidents, but you offered us a wonderful discount that allowed us to buy groceries that weekend. THANK YOU!

Furthermore, you have always shown us compassion and humor. After leaving your office my heart is at easeand my kids will the fine. I also must mention the way you handled our son's ADHD appointment was refreshing. You were encouraging and drew off of your own experience and that helped us see the absolute blessing we have in him. I can write about our awesome experiences all day but I will stop here by thanking you again. Thank You!"

  "Dear Doctor Thomas,
Thank you for being my doctor. Thank you for taking care of me and everyone.

  "Dr. Thomas-
Thanks for all you and your staff do for our kids and all those under your care. I appreciate the time you take to explain and listen as well as teh time you spend researching and teaching. God bless.

Shellie W."
  "Dr. Thomas- Thank you and your staff for the wonderful job you do taking care of our kids and all the children who come through your doors. Yours is a noble profession and greatly appreciated. May God grant you wisdom, knowledge, and grace!

Tom W."
  "A few months ago my then three month old had a tummy ache and a few folks stayed late with Dr. Thomas as I hit rush hour and was a bit late to see my son. I am a new mom just learning all of it. You guys were great and I can not thank you enough.

Celeste and Max L."
  "I feel blessed to have Dr. Thomas as the kids pediatrician. He has always listened to me about any concerns. He gives suggestions that help me help the kids to become successful in life. He takes time to talk to the kids and makes them feel good about who they are. He seems to see the kids more as their own person and not just a patient. He doesn't just treat the kids like their kids, but rather that they are important. He explains things in a way that's easy to understand and has never given the kids medicine that they don't need. He seems to follow a natural approach to medicine and makes sure that whatever is going on he looks at the full picture. He is an excellent pediatrician and all my friends with kids now take their children to see him as well."  
  " Everyone we encountered was amazing. I have never experienced such great staff and environment in a doctor's office. Everyone seemed to really enjoy working there. Staff was very friendly, considerate, intelligent. I don't think it could have gotten any better."..."I have never stepped foot into a practice like yours. I will make it a point to let others know, online and in person. I have walked out of 2 pediatrician office int eh Washington, DC area almost in tears with how frustrating staff was, horrible bedside manner, even down to the cramped office with no name it. Your office met and flew way beyond our expectations."..."I can't think of anything [to better serve patients] because it was such a perfect experience. We are very grateful to of found you. It looks like the kind of place where the staff is like a family and really enjoy their jobs and are highly professional."  
  "Hi Dr. Thomas! The best gift I received this Christmas was this: Egen sang in his Christmas Program!! Thank you for helping us find his egg intolerance and introducing us to supplements. You have made a difference in our lives:) Looking forward to seeing you in March for his well check. Sincerely, Meredith"  
  "We love Dr. Thomas! Although in his new office he seems to have taken less of a hands on role, his nurse practitioners do a great job. At each appointment we have always seen Dr. Thomas for a short time, during the appointment and have had ample opportunity to ask him questions. We love that he and his new office are open to non-traditional treatments (more natural) and alternative schedules on vaccinations."  
  "Dear Dr Thomas!

From the bottom of my heart, I wanted to thank you for recommending the gluten/dairy free diet. We noticed major changes only within 2 months of changing the diet. (Our son) was delayed in speech, so because of the frustration of not being able to express himself, he would resond many times in anger, retaliation, and would throw himself on the ground.

After the diet change, our son is now reading 2nd Grade level. (He) is 4.5 years old. He now asks lots of questions and expresses himself. He no longer acts our nor does he respond in anger.
I must admit that I was very skeptical when you first recommmend that we do the diet change, until one day when (he) got ahold of my regular (gluten/dairy) pancake. I had forgotten to put it away and so it was left on the kitchen counter.

My husband and I noticed immediately that he went back to the screaming and mood swings. I also saw the repetitive behaviors and staring in one place for a long time, which had disappeared after the diet change. I was convinced without a doubt that gluten and dairy has such negative effects on children and would not consider evern feeding him that. You were right! My husband has also gone gluten free after seeing the changes in (our son).

Thank you so much!



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